6400 E. Pacific Coast Highway
Long Beach, California 90803

    Telephone: (562) 434-8451
    Facsimile:   (562) 596-6480
Angela Kearns- Sales Manager    
Dionne Sanchez-Sales Secretary 

Your satisfaction will be our top priority at the Seaport Marina Hotel. We also know your budget is very important. We offer guidance and assistance to ensure you receive great value for your money. You can relax knowing you are in the care of service professionals.

The SeaPort Marina Hotel excels at providing a great accommodations and venue location for a variety of groups and functions. Whether it is small secluded retreats, large seminars or national meetings with entertainment formats the Seaport's size, staff and layout is the perfect choice.

•Car Shows •Sport Teams •Tour Groups
•Seminars •Retreats •National Meetings
•Education •Labor •Membership Associations